Choosing the right therapist is important and I believe that relationship is at the heart of all healing.


Therapy can be a mirror to see yourself with greater clarity. It can be a great help in learning to know ourselves in a deeper and more compassionate way.


I work in an intergrative way to find what works best for the client and hold the space to allow for listening and also creativity as we approach your target problems. ( CAT)


As well as this  I  sometimes practice some meditation and relaxation techniques in sessions and believe that one of the purposes of therapy is that we meet and journey together and hope to find insight , awareness and mindfulness about the human condition. (EXISTENTIAL)


I believe honesty and truth and acceptance about life & death , sex and relationship is the path to direct more kindness to yourself and others (TRANSPERSONAL)


I trained at CCPE in Paddington and Regent's College London for an Intergrative Diploma in Psychotherpay and Counselling.

I am UKCP registered No 2010161538.


I have a Dip Psych and BA hons 

My interests include  Philosohy, Politics, Economics, & Music and Drama