Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction is an issue on the rise in the UK today. Whether through pursuing multiple relationships/affairs, excessive viewing/use of pornography or through seeing sex workers;

Many people experience difficulty and need help identfying the issue, coming to terms with it and getting into recovery.


Compulsive sexual and relational experiences  that have harmful consequences and are out of your control can have a profound impact on your life and those of the ones you love. Sex addiction therapy can help to put you on the road to recovery.


Have a look at these 4 questions below:

Can you answer Yes to these? If so then you are likely to be struggling (or on the spectrum of) sex addiction.



1. Does your sexual behaviour have a negative impact on other areas of your life , such as health, relationships, work etc ?

2. Does your behaviour contradict your personal values in any way?

3. Have you tried to limit or stop your sexual behaviour but failed ?

4. Do you feel dependent on your sexual behaviour , and struggle to feel fulfilled with any alternatives?